Using Uppercase Letters When Writing

This is the time of the year that Kindergartners are able to understand more about Capitalization in their writing.  They are able to start a sentence with an uppercase/capital letter and understand that their friend’s names should have an uppercase letter/capital letter.  After that it is all a little foggy for them.  They love to use uppercase/capital letters all over in their writing, putting them wherever they feel like it. Now is the time to teach that uppercase/capital letters have very specific jobs in a sentence and we have to be careful where they go.  They need to know:

  • All sentences start with an uppercase/capital letter.
  • Members of your family, or your friend’s names start with an uppercase/capital letter
  • That rarely are uppercase/capital letters found in the middle of a word so that is something to work on with your child.
  • If they are writing about a city or state those names should begin with an uppercase/capital letter

It is best to not introduce too many editing skills all at once.  Learning when, where and how to use a uppercase/capital letter in a sentence is a pretty big job that should not be combined with learning any other writing skill.


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