Springtime and Routines

Spring has definitely arrived where I live and teach and if it hasn’t come yet where you live, it will come soon.  Spring is a challenging time of the year for all students especially 5 and 6 year old Kindergartners. Spring sports have begun, daylight is lasting longer and many children are starting to already think about summer vacation.  Hard to believe with almost 12 weeks left of school for us here in Virginia, but these little minds are starting to think outdoor activities and longer days outside.  As parents, you need to be aware of bedtime routines that may become a little relaxed with the arrival of the warmer weather.  Remember, your child still needs to have a restful night’s sleep, get up to go to school, and be ready to listen, learn and work once they are there.  Many children often come to school now and say that they couldn’t get homework done because of sports, outside play and soon for many, the pools will be open.  Parents, if you let the day to day routines stop for your child, he/she will have difficulties at school now and much of what has already been learned this year will be forgotten.  First grade is 5 months away and if routines slip now and throughout the summer, first grade will be a very hard adjustment for your child. Please help your child to stay focused by keeping the same routines for your child and family that worked so well for you all winter long.  As tempting as it may be to allow your child to stay up later for sporting activities or other outside fun, PLEASE think about the next day and how it will affect your child at school.


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