Writing Notes

This is the time of the year in Kindergarten that everything that we have been teaching all year seems to all come together and it is so much fun to watch!  Without any prompting the children are starting to write notes to each other and slipping them into individual mailboxes when they hope that no one is looking.  The look on the child who receives a surprise note from a friend is priceless.  The children are also realizing that their friend’s names are spelled a particular way and the friend is happier if his/her own name is spelled correctly.  We have made a chart for the writing center that has a picture of each child in our room with his/her own name written under the picture.  This chart is a huge hit as it helps to give the confidence that young writers need when learning to write notes.  Please continue to encourage your own child to write a personal note (e-mail or text) whenever possible.  You might supply your child with the correct spelling of the name of the person that he/she wants to write to, but after helping with the name let them write the rest on their own.  The recipient of a personal note from your child will treasure your child’s efforts and help to continue to boost your child’s confidence to write more.


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