Allergies and Schoolwork

Allergy season is definitely upon us and many Kindergarten children are suffering because of it.  As parents I am sure that you notice when your child is bothered by seasonal allergies.  You may try to control your child’s reactions to the allergies by medicating them at home, but do you really know how they are doing and feeling at school during school time? Children who are spending the day rubbing itchy, runny eyes, cannot focus on anything but their eyes. Some children visit the tissue box 20-30 times an hour (really!) Please ask your allergic child how they felt at school.  His/her answer may surprise you when you hear that he/she didn’t feel at all well during school hours.  Some children may need to visit their pediatrician to determine exactly what they are allergic to and to learn how to handle these allergic reactions with the help of their doctor.  If your child does not have any allergies, consider yourself blessed, but if they do, please check with your child and your child’s teacher to see if the allergies are effecting his/her school work.  What you find out will help determine your plan of action for handling your child’s allergies.


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