Today I was sitting at my desk after school signing my name on certificates that I will be giving to my children in May at their Young Authors’ Ceremony (which will be at the same time as our Mother’s Day Luncheon).  As I looked at each certificate that I would pass out to my students it made me think of the hundreds, no thousands of similar certificates that my own children (now 28, 25, and 21) had received throughout their own school years.  The certificates came home and first they were hung the fridge for all to see, then the bedroom walls, then the desk and then….who knows!  Along the way we discovered a simple way to organize these certificates and have them all in one place ready to show people who might stop by the house.  I bought each child a large spiral notebook and we stapled or glued each certificate onto one page.  When the entire book was filled, we started another.  When all was said and done and the certificates, for losing a tooth, knowing your address, being a star reader, etc. etc. etc. were accumulated, they were all in one place, the spiral notebook. My grown children still have their certificate notebooks and look at them on rare occasions, however, if they had not organized them into a book, they might have no special recognitions from their youth left at all.


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