Writing Bag For The Car

Today’s families spend a great deal of time in the family car.  This means that your Kindergartner probably also spends a great deal of time in the family car.  As tempting as DVD’s are to turn on and entertain the children, please turn the DVD off for short trips around town and have your child entertain himself/herself with his/her traveling writing  bag.  This can be any kind of a tote bag that you have filled with writing tools for your child to use ‘on the road.’  Fill it with:

A spiral notebook

Copy paper folded in half and stapled to make little books



A children’s picture dictionary


NO crayons (they melt!!)

Your child could write about any topic (maybe with some sentence starters from you). He/she could look out the car window and see something to write about, or write to a family member who lives far away, a family member that he/she lives with at home or even keep a travel journal that is written in only when he/she is in the car.  Children love journals and a spiral notebook is perfect for that and it will become a keepsake as the years go by. Happy Travel Writing to your child.


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