Requesting a Teacher for First Grade

Although the Kindergarten year has not officially come to an end, many parents, teachers and administrators are already thinking ahead to first grade.  Most principals do not allow you to request a particular teacher, but many do allow parents to write a request for a type of teacher or a type of classroom that would be best for their own child.  The school where I teach allows parents to write this type of letter.  About now is when I also start hearing from parents asking me to help them with the wording for an environment that would be best suited for their child and since I have taught their child this entire year, I am usually able to help out with the words.  Find out if your school encourages parents to request a particular learning environment for their child’s next school year and if they do….write that letter now as most principals have a deadline. Ask the Kindergarten teacher for some input in your letter, again, as they have firsthand knowledge of how your child learned best this year.   Ask your friends about their child’s first grade experience listening for how the classroom was managed but also keeping in mind that every child and every teacher interact differently. Also if your child has had a negative experience with a particular classmate this year, you might also request that the principal not place your child and the other child in the same classroom. Don’t wait, get busy because now is the time to express your wishes to your child’s principal for next year.


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