Sentence Starters – Part 3

I have written about simple sentence starters twice before in my blog, October 26 – and again on October 27 Out of all of the 250 blog posts that I have written, the topic of Sentence Starters is the one topic that gets searched for day after day after day.  My earlier blogs wrote about simple sentence starters but the children are more advanced in their writing and can handle a longer sentence starter.  The trick about sentence starters is to use the same sentence starter on every page of a small blank 4, or 6 page book. (Use folded copy paper to make a quick and simple book) Here are some more sentence starters for Kindergartners who are almost first graders:

My Mom and I like to…

My Dad and I like to…

On Saturdays I like to go to…..

On a play date I can…

On a long car drive I can….

When I look out my bedroom window I see…

When I visit Grandmas I can….

I can help with the new baby when I…….

When I am in school I learn about….

In the summer I like to…..

When I am on vacation I…..

When I am at the beach I see….

Parents, you can create your own sentence starters.  The possibilities are endless.  They should be short and have a topic that your child will be able to write about on more than one page. Give it a try.  Keep blank books and a list of sentence starters with you whenever you and your child are out and about.  When you are sitting and waiting somewhere, pull out a blank book, the sentence starters and a pencil and see what your child is able to do.  You will be shocked at the improvement in his/her writing since you introduced sentence starters way back in October of Kindergarten.


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