Confidence for First Grade

Kindergartners have become very confident during this Kindergarten school year.  Their school, teachers, friends, classroom, daily routines, and expectations are all very familiar now that the year is coming to an end.  Then it begins all over again in the fall when they enter first grade.  Most children will be in the same school, but their teachers, classrooms, friends, daily routines and expectations will all be different. This can be stressful for your child. Anything that you can do at home to alleviate some of this stress will be helpful to your child.  The first grade children at my school use pocket folders to keep their seatwork organized.  I have suggested to my Kindergarten parents to buy a few pocket folders for summer use and I encourage them to teach their children how to use a pocket folder.  Sounds easy, but just sliding a paper in and out of the folder can be a challenge for some children. Practice a few worksheets each week in preparation for first grade and use the folder for storing completed and uncompleted papers for additional practice. This will be one less thing that is ‘new’ for your child upon arrival in first grade.  Ask around in your neighborhood or your child’s school and find out what is going to be very different for your child in first grade and start introducing some of these new things to your child this summer.  You will give your child additional confidence by telling them that they are practicing to be first graders and your child will become familiar with some of the first grade routines before ever setting foot in the door.


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  1. Melissa

    I institued a pocket folder after we kept getting crumbled up papers in the backpack. It took a bit of practice, but he’s now used to it and knows the drill. No more wrinked papers! 🙂

    Our school is doing a first grader for a day where the class gets to be with one of the first grade teachers for the day, all day. Our is a half day kindergarten. My son is most excited about bringing his lunch and eating in the cafeteria with all the “big” kids. The first graders get to back to kindergarten for alumni day.

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