Use Your Local Library

Summer has arrived early in Virginia with today’s temperatures reaching well over 90 degrees!  This kind of weather not only makes me think of being outdoors, it also makes me think of being indoors trying to keep cool.  One way to keep cool this summer is to be sure to visit your local library regularly.  Check their summer schedule for free programs that are being offered for children and then make a point of going. Most schools only allow Kindergartners to check out one book a week, but at the local library, the sky is the limit for checking out books.  Please take the time to visit your local public library with your Kindergartner (almost first grader) and allow your child time to really explore the library, especially the children’s section.  Encourage your child to pick out books that you can read to him/her as well as books that have simple text for your child to read on his/her own. Most libraries also will have lists of recommended age appropriate books for your child all you have to do is ask for it.  Your child will receive a lifelong gift from you if you encourage him/her to visit and use your local library not just for now but for always.


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