Adding and Subtracting in Your Head

We have 5 tables of Kindergarten children in both my morning Kindergarten class and my afternoon Kindergarten class.  As we begin each day we take attendance and the children help me out.  We start at the first table and add the children there, say 6, then move to the next table where the class now counts the number of children at that table, say 5, and then adds the two tables together in their heads by using the ‘counting on’ method.  If we started with 6, then with the 5 more from the next table we count on 5 times from 6..7,8,9,10,11, then move on.  At the third table we add the children there to the current total of 11 and so on until we count all 5 tables.  We then decide if the number of children counted equals the number of children that we should have (24 in the AM, and 27 in the PM) If the numbers are not equal to each other we have to ‘count back’ from the class total until we get to the number of children present.  In doing this we can figure out how many children are missing from class today.  This is a new strategy and many have it but many do not, they simply guess rather than ‘count on’ or ‘count back’.  Please try to incorporate several opportunities throughout your day for your child to ‘count on’ or ‘count back.’  This is a wonderful skill for thinking and solving problems and it will always come in handy at school.


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