Use It or Lose It

This saying is usually associated with using the brain as we age, but it couldn’t be more true than for a Kindergartner who will soon become a first grader. Kindergarten teachers have worked very hard this year with their Kindergarten children to ensure their success not only in Kindergarten but upon arrival in first grade in the fall.  The one tip that I will pass along to all Kindergarten parents is to be sure that your child uses his/her newly acquired skills each and every day of the summer vacation.  What I recommend to parents is that you find a time in your daily schedule for your child to work on Kindergarten skills, to write, and to read. This should be the same time every day so that your child knows it is coming and is ready.  This work time should only be for about 15 minutes and no longer than 20 minutes. The purpose is to maintain all of the skills needed for first grade so that your child’s transition to first grade will be as smooth as possible. Remember, use it or lose it!


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