Yesterday I was introduced to the 100+ new Kindergartners that will be attending our school’s Kindergarten this fall.  Wow! I do forget how far my current class of Kindergartners has come, how much social, emotional and academic growth they have experienced.  I just seem to take this growth for granted until the new class of children arrive and then I remember! Most of yesterday’s visitors easily separated from their parents to come and visit the Kindergarten classroom while their parents listened to speakers in the cafeteria. I said most, the other children cried, hugged Mom/Dad and couldn’t believe that this was really happening to them.  Once in the room, most of the children were awestruck and behaved very nicely but then again, a few cried for Mom/Dad and were not one bit interested in singing, hearing a story, or coloring.  They just wanted to go home.  Parents, if your child is just finishing Kindergarten, take a moment to reflect, as I did yesterday, on just how far he/she has come this past year.  Look at this list of 80 skills needed last year for Kindergarten and marvel at your own child and his/her wonderful accomplishments this year and how easy these skills seem now.

Soon I will be posting skills needed for a smooth transition into first grade, but until then, congratulate your child and yourself for a job well done!


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  1. mary

    As a retired teacher, I remember reflecting on the development of my first graders in JUne. It is an awakening the first day of school and you forget how little the new group knows. The areas of socialization and just getting to /from the bus, bathroom and finding their tables and seats are difficult in Sept. Another noticeable thing in JUne was seeing the kids stay awake for the whole day!!!!!!!!!!!

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