Rhyming…a Must-Know Skill For Any Soon to Be First Grader

I have just finished assessing my Kindergarten students in all Reading Readiness skills and I am happy to report that there has been major progress since the start of the school year.  One area of importance that I cannot stress enough RHYMING!! If your child is able to rhyme, keep reading poetry, rhyming books and playing rhyming games with your child, however…. If your child is not able to be successful with rhyming, learning to read is going to be difficult and it is time to pick up the pace with rhyming activities at home. I have written about rhyming 3 other times in my blog so you can only begin to imagine how important I feel that mastering this skill BEFORE first grade really is.  Parents you know if your child can or cannot rhyme, there is no middle of the road, either he/she can, or he/she can’t.  Please check out these blogs of mine that contain valuable websites with (free!) downloadable materials for you to continue practicing rhyming with your soon to be first grader.









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2 responses to “Rhyming…a Must-Know Skill For Any Soon to Be First Grader

  1. mary

    so important in the development of reading. great ideas

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