Last Progress Report of Kindergarten

The Kindergarten year is quickly coming to a close and your child will soon be receiving his/her final progress report of the year.  Hopefully, you have seen your child improve and grow with each progress report that he/she has received this year and you see before you a child ready for first grade.  I want you to take a good look at the final progress report and if there are areas that your child did not master, or reach benchmark, you should be very concerned!  These benchmarks are put into place to ensure that your child will be ready for the challenges that lay ahead in first grade.  Your child is already behind his/her peers before even stepping foot into the door of first grade and you have to work hard now, to help teach your child the missing skills.  If there are areas that your child has not mastered or reached benchmark in, practice those skills every day over the summer.  Many skills needed for first grade are developmental, however, we do need to continue to reinforce these skills until we are certain that rising first grade children know them and know how to use them once they reach first grade.  If your child has mastered or met all of his/her benchmarks, you too, have to practice these skills with your child over the summer to be certain that they are not quickly forgotten while your child is not in school. The first month of first grade will be mostly review work as the children refresh their memories and get ready for another year of school.  What you don’t want is to send your child to first grade without the proper skills because then it won’t be a month of review, it will be a very challenging month to try and catch up to others.


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  1. mary

    your first year of blogs for kindergarten parents and teachers has been such a huge success. Keep up the good work. m.

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