My Last Blog

I would like to say thank you to all faithful readers of the blog that I have written for Kindergarten parents.  After 24 years of teaching Kindergarten, I have decided to promote myself and I will be heading to first grade this fall.  Teaching 54 kids every day, having 54 parent teacher conferences, no daily lunch period, and less planning time than my colleagues in grades 1-6, has finally caught up with me.  I am very excited about moving on to first grade and trying my hand with the next step of child development.  As much as I would have like to continue on with some of my Kindergartners from this year, my principal does not agree, so I will be meeting 25 new children in September. Many people have asked me if I will write a blog for first grade parents, hmm, I can’t answer that one yet, but will definitely give it some consideration.  I wish your new first grader much luck next year and I cannot stress enough to you to keep your child reading and writing all summer so as not to lose the valuable skills that he/she has learned in Kindergarten.

Have a great summer and hopefully I will be back in the fall.




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12 responses to “My Last Blog

  1. oh i hope you write for first grade parents as i loved reading all your insight while my kiddo was in kindergartner and would love insight while he moves on to first grade. Let us know so i can bookmark it.

  2. Claire

    Thanks for the positive remarks…I am thinking about continuing on with the blog in first grade but only time will tell if I can fit it into my day.

  3. I am another fan who hopes you write a first grade blog. And, I hope you leave your current blog up, which has been very helpful. I plan to refer back to it for my two youngest, when they reach kindergarten!

    • kindergartenteacherclaire

      yes I am going to leave it up because to be honest with you I really don’t know how to ‘take it off’ it is my understanding that once it is ‘out there’ it is out there. I am thinking about first grade but will have to gauge how much time I will have free to keep it up. Thanks for the kind words about the blog, I have really enjoyed writing it and have enjoyed hearing from people all over the world that have read it. Claire

  4. mary

    I have enjoyed reading all your blogs this year. You surely suggested so many helpful comments to parents of kindergarteners and other grades as well.
    I wish you the best as you move forward in first grade. I taught first grade for the first five years of my teaching career. I know you will enjoy the students, and most of all they will be fortunate to have some a wonderful , professional , caring person as their teacher. Enjoy your summer.

  5. Debra

    Claire –
    Thank you for a year of insightful information. I will keep my hopes alive that you will blog on first grade!
    I hope you have a wonderful restful summer.

    • kindergartenteacherclaire

      Thank you for the positive words. I am glad to know that I have helped so many Kindergarten parents. I am considering writing more once I get to first grade but only time will tell. Have a wonderful summer with your own family as well. Claire

  6. Lisa

    Mrs. Turck,

    Thank you so much for this blog all year! I have passed it along to so many other moms of kindergartners, and other moms of similarly-aged kids as well (many who needed it, but did they read it?!). I will continue to refer to it again from the beginning as my daughter starts kindergarten in the fall. I had hoped that she might get you also (I am lucky enough to have had this great and knowledgeable lady as my own kid’s teacher!), but alas, it is not to be. Anyway, I wish you the best in first grade and will read whatever info you post in the future in this blog!

    Warm regards, Lisa

  7. Claire, I wish you joy and new adventures in first grade! Thank you for all your words of wisdom in this blog!

  8. Mary Fitzpatrick O'Brien

    I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading your blog last year. Great to know that parents/teachers will continue to benefit from your blog. I still share ideas as a retired teacher. I guess we are always teachers and life long learners. thanks for great blog, mary

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