Stay Tuned

I have decided to come back…write some more, this time I will be writing about first grade.  Stay tuned, once I get out of school next week, I will begin writing again.  Thanks to all of the faithful readers who have continued to read my blogs even while I was taking this year off.  Check out this site as I will write here…just don’t know what I will call the blog now.



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2 responses to “Stay Tuned

  1. mary obrien

    I am enjoying reading some of your past posts. HOpe you are enjoying First Grade. Those students are so fortunate. m

  2. Lisa Kelly

    I just found your daily blog while searching the internet for first grade readiness. I am a mom of a 5 year old girl that just finished kindergarten. She attended 2 years of preschool and then entered a full year of K this year. I had no doubts at all about my very confident outgoing little girl entering K. She had no anxiety about going to school and seemed excited to be there. However the teacher called out to us 30 days into school that she was a “young” 5 year old and that she was lagging behind the others in both maturity (cried more then most) and academics (early readers in the class/very academic school). Needless to say, I tortured by myself and my husband all year long by exploring options…should I pull her out, will she need to repeat, if she does repeat do I send her to a different school, etc…In the end, the teacher said she made progress and is fine to pass to first grade but that we will have to continue too “push her a bit” and while she matured over the last couple of months she is still on the young side so we will most likely need to keep on her as we did this year. I was so confused ALL year and I almost cried when I found your blog!!! You talk about everything that I was struggling with even LUNCH!….Our teacher is very senior but she really did not help to guide me with how to help my child at home…instead her correspondence with me was always concerning my child crying more then the others and that she raised her hand too much and was needy. Her only real guidance was to tell me to get a tudor to help catch her up. I felt like a terrible mother all year long and beat myself up for not pulling her out in November (the school pushed me to keep her in even though the teacher was saying she was young in comparison to the others). Anyway, Now I sit with the decision to push her forward as recommended by the school/teacher or put her in another school and try Kindergarten all over again and maybe master the skills and even mature a bit more…(of course my young 5 year old now seems too mature in comparison to the incoming Kindergarteners!) Anyway, THANK YOU for this blog I have printed every single word of advice and guidance that you have written and I only wish that I had you as my child’s teacher! PLEASE PLEASE continue to blog about first grade..I will be a dedicated reader. p.s if you have any words of wisdom for me I welcome them! Regards, Lisa

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