Sight Words to Learn for First Grade

Your kindergartner has only been out of school for only a few short weeks, yet I am already thinking about building his/her reading foundation for first grade.  Many first grade classrooms teach reading in guided reading groups, which is a small group of children placed together because they read on or about the same reading level.  The first grade teacher will be teaching your child the numerous strategies needed to decode new words; however, you can help your child in this process by helping him/her to learn many or all of the sight words that will be needed in first grade.  Sight words simply are all of the words that your child will be expected to ‘know’ how to read and he/she will face these words several times on every page of print.  Many of these words cannot be sounded out so your child will be expected to read them by ‘sight’, thus the name ‘sight words’.  I am giving you two sites to check out, both have the first grade list of sight words in alphabetical order and one has them on flash cards that you can print out, cut and use with your child.  These same sight words will be words that your child will be expected to be able to write and spell correctly in his/her first grade writing. If you start the process know and go over a few a day, you will be amazed at how quickly your child is able to build his knowledge of these sight words.

Site 1 has all of the recommended sight words along with color pictures that you can print out to use when your child is building sentences using these sight words.

Site 2 has all of the sight words by grade level


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