Choosing a Book to Read That Is Just Right

Young children learning to read want to impress their friends, teachers, family and themselves with their reading abilities.  They often choose books to read that they would ‘like’ to be able to read, but are not necessarily ready to read and comprehend what has been read.  They have to be taught that a good book should fit them ‘just right’ the same way that a good pair of shoes fits you ‘just right.’  A good tool for children to use when choosing a book is the ‘5 word check’.  What this means is that your child chooses a book, he/she opens to the first page and if he/she finds 5 or more words that he/she cannot read on the first page, then this book is too challenging and should be put aside for later reading. Repeat the process until your child is able to read the first page of a book with fewer than 5 miscues, then he/she will have found a book that is ‘just right’ for his/her  reading ability.


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Filed under First Grade, Kindergarten, Reading

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