Children Must Review Math Skills in the Summer

Summer is a great time for a child to review all that has been learned during the previous school year.  How quickly young minds forget what has been taught when there is no reviewing of the skills in the summer. Children entering first grade should be a whiz at the math that they learned in Kindergarten.  Should being the key word here. Many children do not understand that they skills are learned not just for a few days/weeks at school, but skills are learned to know for a lifetime.  Here is a site that offers math games for all math skills learned during the school year.  There are math games for all grade levels from K-8 on this site.  There are 104 games to review Kindergarten math skills and 151 games to review first grade skills.  If your child is a rising first grader, now is the time to practice those Kindergarten skills to ensure that your child does not forget what he/she has learned this year.  You do not have to pre-teach your child skills he/she hasn’t been taught yet at school, but reviews are necessary not only to maintain learned skills but to lay the critical mathematical foundation needed to learn more math next school year.


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