Story Retelling

Story Retelling.  If your child is entering Kindergarten, get ready to hear all about story retelling this year.  If your child has completed Kindergarten, or First Grade, then you have heard all about it.  Learning to retell a story that you have just read, or a story that has just been read to you, is a developmental skill and must be practiced in order to be successful. This skill will not come easy to your child.  Children love to listen to or a read a story just for the sheer joy of it.  This is fine, however, children also need to learn how to comprehend what has been read and be able to tell another person about it.  This is where story retelling comes in. When first asked to retell a story, many young children will tell you what happened at the very end of the story because that part is freshest in their memory.  Children must be taught to retell a story in sequential order and to choose key facts in their retelling. Here are some of the key skills that your child will have to master in order to be successful in story retelling.  You might pick one of two of these skills and practice them with your child so that he/she becomes comfortable with the terminology and what it means. When you see progress move on to another one of these retelling skills.

  1. How does the story begin?
  2. Where does the story begin?
  3. Who are the important characters…and child should be able to name them, not just say there was a girl, or a boy, etc.
  4. What were the important things that happened in the story?
  5. What was the problem in the story?
  6. How was the problem solved?
  7. How does the story end?


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