Favorite Book – Tell Me About It

One test of a child’s ability to recall is to ask him/her to tell you about his/her favorite book.  This question is usually met with blank stares when it is asked of first graders.  They look at you hoping that you will give them more information so that they can answer the question correctly.  When teachers ask your child this question, we are looking for a child to be able to tell us:

  1. The complete name of their favorite book (at the moment)
  2. The author of their favorite book would be even better
  3. Why the book is his/her favorite book
  4. About the book (we are looking for the main idea)

About once a week you could practice this at home.  Ask your child what was his/her favorite book that you read to him/her this week.  If you too get a blank stare and from your child, this is what you should do.

  1. Take out all of the books that you have read this week/and the books that your child has read to himself/herself.
  2. Ask your child to look through the books to refresh his/her memory.
  3. Now ask your child again to tell you the name of their favorite book from this week.
  4. It will help your child immensely to look at the actual books, with the goal being, that as time progresses he/she will be able to tell you about his/her favorite book without any visual clues.
  5. Children need to be able to have recall long after the book has been read.
  6. We WILL be asking your child to tell us about his/her favorite book many times during the first grade school year and it will help them to have practiced it at home before coming to school  in the fall.

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