Journal Writing In First Grade

It is never too early for your child to develop the love of writing. He/she will be writing every day in first grade and there will be lots and lots and lots of it. Young children need help thinking about what to write about.  When a young child is faced with a blank piece of paper and told to ‘write’, you will more than likely be met with a blank stare that says ‘help!’  A good way to increase your child’s stamina for writing is to have him/her write…every day, no exceptions.  This can be accomplished by presenting your child with a journal.  The journal does not have to be fancy.  It can be as simple as a few sheets of paper that have been stapled together, or you could purchase a spiral notebook or journal at the store.  You should find a time of the day when your child can sit and write in a quiet spot and then you should make this the writing time of each and every day.  Your child could write about:

  • What he/she has done that day
  • What he/she is going to do that day
  • Who did he/she play with today
  • What interesting thing did you do today
  • What was the best part about today
  • What part about today was not your favorite
  • If you could plan tomorrow, what would you like to do all day
  • What have you learned to do today

The possibilities of topics to write about are endless but the point is that your child needs help with what to write about.  YOU should choose the topic and it should only be 1 topic for each journal entry.  When I taught Kindergarten, our Monday journal writing topic was always to write about your weekend.  This was challenging but eventually the children learned to recall events so that they could be write their thoughts onto paper.  Journals are a fun memento of the current time and a great document to keep so that you can compare your child’s writing with what he/she is able to write 6 months or a year from now.  Just keep in mind that this is your child’s journal, and not yours.  Please DO NOT spell words for him/her, only allow him/her to write all of the sounds that they hear. All of the correct letters may not be there, but if he/she is writing the sounds that he hears, then you are getting the best that he/she can do at the moment.  You will notice an improvement with each passing day and the more your child writes, the better the writing will be.


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