Math Facts

More and more schools are finding alternate ways to have children practice math facts.  The days of drill sheets and workbook pages are disappearing…or should be, as there are other ways for your child to practice math facts. One alternative way of practicing math facts and math drills is to use online sites that specialize in just that.  Here is a site that I have found where your child will be able to practice math and have fun as well. (note addition practice is FREE, however, in order to access subtraction, multiplication and division there is a fee)

This site is completely free:

Please remember that your child should be practicing math every day just as he/she is practicing his/her reading skills.



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2 responses to “Math Facts

  1. Wendy Woodard

    You are an AMAZING teacher! Any Child will be so blessed to have you give them a great foundation to their education!

    Enjoy First Grade!!!!

    Wendy Woodard

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    THANK YOU!!!! you are so sweet.

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