Library Books

Summer is the perfect time to take your child to your local library.  Many libraries offer incentives to children for their summer reading and you might want to check this out.  It is also a good time for your child to leisurely learn how to choose a book to check out. From a young child’s point of view, a library can be a pretty overwhelming place, so many books and where to start? One problem many young children have at their school library is that because there are so many books to choose from, they simply freeze and choose none. These children need assistance to learn how to narrow the search.  Here are some tips about library books:

  • Ask your child if he/she is looking for books written by a particular author – yes first graders know who has written some of their favorite books.
  • Take your child to the shelf where this author is located.
  • If your child is not looking for a certain author take your child to just one shelf, and say pick a book from only this shelf.
  • Teach your child to look at the spine, or on the front of the book to see who the author is. Your child might remember that he/she has read a book by this author before.
  • Show your child how to open the book to the first page and try reading the page.  If he/she makes 5 or more reading mistakes on this page, the book is ‘too hard’ for right now.  (but it might be a perfect book to have an adult read to the child)
  • Young children love illustrations and don’t be surprised if your child chooses a book based on the pictures… this is normal and the pictures will actually help your child read the text.
  • Allow your child to check out the books with his/her own library card (if your child doesn’t have one…read this blog of mine)
  • Once home, your child should be responsible for keeping the checked out books in a safe location so they can be found when it is time to return books to the library.
  • School library books should be returned as soon as they are read so that your child can be sure to have all books back to school before the next scheduled library visit with his/her class.  Kindergartners AND first graders are devastated when they get to library at school and cannot check out books because he/she has not returned the books he/she already has at home.

Happy book hunting to you and your child!


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  1. I found your blog thru the Top50K list: congrats.

    My goal this summer is to get my author/illustrator blog connected to a wider educational world & I’ve come to the best to learn. I will be watching over your shoulder. I was posting about the library & librarians earlier this week. Great minds think alike??

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