Arriving At School On Time

This is the time of the summer that most parents and some children start to think about the return to school.  Summer for many has been a time of no alarm clocks and lazy days and if there is a schedule, it is not the usual fast paced schedule of the school year.  Parents should start thinking now about adjusting their child’s sleeping schedule so that he/she will be able to wake up on time once the school year starts.  At my school, children are allowed into my classroom 15 minutes before the bell rings and the morning news show begins.  15 minutes! 15 minutes to get settled, take off coats, unpack backpacks, turn in notes, begin morning work and ….get ready for the day.  But, there is always one or two children that arrive AFTER the bell rings.  Not only has this child missed the 15 minutes of time allowed to prepare for the start of the day, but now your child is late, in a hurry and behind the class.  While the latecomer is doing what all of the other children did in the 15 minutes allowed to settle in, the rest of the class has moved on to other things.  This is stressful for the late arriving child and can set the stage for a not very good day at school.  The one way to avoid this late arrival is for your child to take the school bus and ensure an on time arrival at school.  Children should not be driven to school unless there is a circumstance that just cannot be avoided.  Your child should learn the morning routine and with your help, know what time he has to be out of the door to catch that bus.  All of the children who ride the bus arrive at school during that 15 minute time frame before the official start of the day.  On a rare occasion, a bus is late, but this is not usually the case. Please start talking now about the school bus and the fact that you are not going to be driving to school this year.  Let your child start his/her day with friends, even before arriving at school.


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