Quiet Time

Young children and their families live very busy lives.  It amazes me year after year, how many of my students go to bed without a bedtime routine. My own children are all grown now but when they were young, the routine was the same every night, bath, pajamas, story in bed and when the lights went out, a little time for talking.  It is amazing how a child will open up to you when you are lying side by side in a darkened room.  Children need a time of the day to decompress and reflect upon their day.  Help your child to think back about his/her day, what were the good parts, what could be better tomorrow.  In today’s busy lifestyles, there are not many free unscheduled minutes in a day.  Plan for this evening downtime and schedule it just as you would schedule in any other family commitment. A scheduled quiet time before bed is a must for children.  It will help your child to relax and help with the falling asleep process, and chances are you will find yourself looking forward to this quiet time as well.


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