Bored With Their Toys

This is the time of the summer when parents begin to hear “there’s nothing to do!” Children may have a room/or house full of toys and electronics but they no longer wish to play with the same toys.  It’s time for a toy swap.  Gather the toys in your house that are in good condition but are no longer being used.  Organize your friends who have children about the same age as your children and have them also gather their gently used toys.  Decide upon a place and date where the swap will be and then allow the children to choose ‘new’ toys to take home.  This way all of the children will have new toys to play with, you haven’t spent any money and it will be a fun activity for all families involved. Then… do it again in about 3-4 months, maybe with more families next time.


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Filed under First Grade, Kindergarten

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