Reading Club

Invite your friends and their children to join a children’s reading club.  It’s easy.

  • Contact your friends that have same aged children as you.
  • Set monthly dates for children and a parent to come together to discuss the book.
  • Parents (and children)take  turns choosing a book for all of the children to read. (You might use your local library to check out several copies of the same book)
  • All children will read the same book and come together once or twice a month as a group to discuss the book.
  • Parents should take turns hosting the group at their house – possibly offering a light dinner for all.

This will help your child to learn more about reading skills and to pay closer attention to details while reading so that he/she will be able to discuss the book with his friends at the book club.

Your child will be analyzing books to include characters, setting, and main idea in first grade so any practice with these skills at home will certainly be beneficial.


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