Open House

This week will be the start of school where I teach.  The week will have a few days of meetings, setting up the classroom and then Open House.  I want to talk to you about Open House.  If your school offers an Open House of some kind, GO!  Most teachers I know have been going into their classrooms during the past few weeks to set up the room, decorate it and begin planning for a wonderful school year with the children.  All of this without being paid! If your child’s school and teachers are inviting you to come to an Open House to meet the teacher and see the room, you must go! As a classroom teacher, I look forward to Open House to see the faces of all of my new children, meet their parents and try to settle any nerves that either the children or the parents are facing. It is a great time for your child to walk through the school, learn how to get to his/her new classroom and to be able to see new friends who will be in his/her new class.  Your child will be able to find his/her desk and get familiar with the room while mom and dad are still there.  On the first day of school there will be no mom/dad and you want your child to be as confident and comfortable as possible walking into the new classroom. Hope to see you at Open House!


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