Open House Is Not a Time For a Parent Teacher Conference

Open House is not Conference Time.  Most of you will be meeting your child’s first grade teacher for the first time at Open House.  Naturally, you have lots and lots to say about your child.  Every parent does.  Open House is not the time to have a private conference about your child.  First of all, other parents and children will be able to hear what you are saying.  Not very private is it? Open House is just that, an Open classroom for your child and you to check out together to alleviate all nervous jitters for both parent and child.  If you have something that needs to be shared with the teacher then please set up a PRIVATE parent teacher conference as soon as possible for that purpose.  You do not need to bring samples of your child’s Kindergarten work to impress the first grade teacher, nor do you have to tell us about the tutoring, workbooks and above grade level work that your child is doing.  He/she will be in our class soon enough and we will be able to see for ourselves all of your child’s abilities.  Your child’s teacher is excited to be meeting up to 30 sets of parents at Open House and wants to know all about all of the children as soon as possible, just not at Open House.  As a teacher, I thank you for attending Open House, we put a great deal of effort into your visit and want it to be a pleasant and positive as possible.  Remember, keep it simple at Open House, fill out all of the necessary forms and enjoy your visit.



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2 responses to “Open House Is Not a Time For a Parent Teacher Conference

  1. Great tips, wish I had read this a week ago 😉

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    Thanks for reading my blog and sorry I didn’t give you these tips earlier:)

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