Folders, Binders and More Folders

I met all of my new first grade students yesterday when they ALL came to Open House with their parents.  (yes, 100% participation woo-hoo!) The parents arrived in my room with large, very large bags full of the requested first grade school supplies.  Along with the glue, crayons, pencils and erasers, we also asked for 4 folders, 1 binder, and 4 composition notebooks. The children will have a poetry binder, and folders for calendar math, response journals, unfinished work, and a Reading log and composition notebooks for Spelling, Math Journal and Homework and one spare. Most of these supplies will remain in the childrens’ desks and will be used on a daily basis.  It will take a little time to teach the children to identify one folder from another, but the real challenge is figuring out how to open the binder and folders to insert papers.  Now that is a struggle.  Parents if your child is going to first grade, chances are that he/she will have folders and binders that he/she will have to learn to manage.  Please find a folder and a binder at your house and have your child practice opening and closing the binder and the brads in the folder so that he/she knows how to add papers when necessary.  It is also good to practice sliding papers in and out of pocket folders in order to not crush the papers.  These skills seem like second nature to adults, but to a 6 year old, it is a new skill and must be learned and then practiced.


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