Be Good At School

Many first grade parents will be sending their children off to the first day of school this week.  After breakfast is served, clothes picked out, backpack is packed, your child is almost out the front door,   and many of you will say ‘be good at school.’  Your child will nod his/her head, that is if he/she even heard you. Many 5 and 6 year olds aren’t even sure what it really means to ‘be good at school’ but they say that they will anyhow.  In my first grade classroom, we go over exactly what it means to ‘be good at school’ so there is no confusion.  As a parent you might try to be more specific at home as well.  Here are some of the ways that your child can ‘be good at school.’

  • Come to school well rested and well fed…EVERYDAY!
  • For a tip on exactly how long your first grader needs to sleep every night please read a blog I wrote earlier:
  • Come with his/her finished homework and supplies that will be needed for the day
  • Remember his/her library book when he/she is supposed to have it
  • Listen to the teacher at all times
  • Put his/her NAME on every piece of school work that will be passed in
  • Do his/her best work and always check his/her work
  • Raise his/her hand and ask questions if he/she doesn’t understand
  • Talk only when he/she is allowed to talk
  • Be respectful of classmates who are talking during class discussions and wait his/her turn
  • Do Not yell out answers without being called on by his/her teacher
  • Walk in the hallway quietly at all times

There is lots to learn at school and your child will do just fine as long as he/she is aware of ALL that is expected of him/her.  Your child’s teacher has very high expectations for your child, make sure that you do too!


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