Listen Every Time The Teacher Is Talking

Teachers teach their class the various methods that the teacher will use to get the class’ attention.  Some clap out a pattern, some say, 1, 2, 3 eyes on me, some dim the lights as the signal that the teacher is ready to address the group.  Teachers address the entire class several times a day after getting the children to focus directly on them.  The teacher demands attention at all times whether it is for direct instruction, or directions to clean up, put away materials, take out books, or to leave the room.  Your child MUST listen ALL OF THE TIME to the teacher when he/she is speaking.  The teacher is speaking for a specific purpose and expects that your child will listen. Some children wait for the teacher to call their name.  They are thinking that the teacher can’t possibly mean that they have to listen, clean up, put away materials, take out books, etc. because the teacher did not call them individually by name.  This happens to teachers all of the time and it is usually the same children over and over again.  These children do not understand that directions given to the entire group means them!  Please practice this skill at home with your child. Try giving directions to several members of your family at once (i.e, dinner – everyone come and sit down) and see if your child understands that you mean him/her too. These children stand out in a classroom and need lots and lots of practice to learn to listen AT ALL TIMES when the teacher is talking.  They just might miss out on something very interesting.


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