Choosing Books From the School Library

Most schools offer first graders the opportunity to visit the school library weekly to check out one or two books with their class.  Parents at home are often confused with the books that their children have chosen to check out of the library.  Please be patient while your child learns to navigate the library system and learns to make wise book choices.  It is often hard to understand what caught their child’s eye to check out a particular book.  Early readers look at the book cover and a few of the illustrations to see if this is a book they think they will like.  Emergent and Developing readers are taught to open the book to the first page and begin reading.  If they encounter 5 or more words that they cannot read, they should put the book back for another day, they are not ready for this book. Many parents tell their child to pick a chapter book, or a hard book.  This message is lost on a child who is busy looking at pictures or trying to read the first page of the book.   Also remember, that your child will not be able to read all books that come home, nor does he/she want to.  Sometimes, a book is chosen just to have the opportunity to snuggle up with mom or dad and just listen and enjoy the story.


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