Sweeping With A Broom

At our school all children have to help clean the cafeteria after lunch.  Each class is responsible to clean both the tables and floor under the tables where their class has eaten.  Sounds simple, right?  Well I noticed today that most first graders don’t even know how to hold the broom, let alone be productive while sweeping with it.  I have written about chores before but it is worth mentioning again.  First graders are old enough to help with chores at home because they will certainly be expected to help with the classroom and lunchroom chores at school. Your child is old enough to sweep the floor after dinner, help sort laundry and put it away, help unload the dishwasher, etc. Children look at me very strangely when I tell them that it is their turn to do a class chore such as sweep the cafeteria floor, wash the lunchroom tables and stack their chairs to make it easier for our custodians to clean our room after school.  Parents, you can help us out by expecting your child to help with family chores at home.  In my room, I  would really appreciate it if you allowed your child to sweep the kitchen floor so he/she would know not only how to do it when it was his/her turn to help out after lunch but how using 2 hands to hold the handle makes the job much easier.


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