Back To School Night

Most schools offer an afternoon or evening sometime in September when parents are invited to come into the classroom to find out about what really goes on at school.  If you had to depend upon a 6 year old to tell you what was going on, you would be waiting for a very long time.  Our evening is called Back to School Night and it will be this week. Your school may call it something different, but what happens there will be the same.  You are invited into your child’s classroom, often being able to sit at your child’s desk and get a close up look where and how he/she lives for almost 7 hours a day.  Once there the teacher will give you some sort of a presentation about his/her background, your child’s curriculum and will be able to answer any questions that you might have.  Your child’s teacher will have gone to a great deal of work to make the slide show presentation, prepare folders with important information for you the parents and more than likely will have put in at least a 12 – 14 hour day on the day of the presentation. (don’t forget that the teachers teach all day and then deliver the presentation after school hours) The least that you can do is to show up.  This time has been set aside specifically for you. You will receive an overview of your child’s curriculum, what he/she will learn and when,  find out when he /she will have specials (Art, Music, PE, Library), and learn about his/her daily schedule.  You will find out about lunch, book orders, and other odds and ends that your child might not tell you. Your child’s teacher will go over his/her behavior plan and how discipline will be handled with all of the children in the classroom, not just with your child.  Be honest, you already know if your child generally does or does not follow the rules, so listen carefully when the behavior plan is discussed. Your child’s teacher will be waiting for you so clear your schedule and get a front row seat; you will be so happy that you did!



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2 responses to “Back To School Night

  1. First of all, we love your blog! it gives us a new way to understand many aspects of kids education and learning. This is especially valuable to parents like us since we grew up in a totally different country. In some way, we are learning together with our kids.

    It is very exciting to see the beginning of a new school year. We definitely will attend back to school night. We have one first grader and one third grader this year. Both are doing well with reading and math. However, we’d like to spend more time to help them to build vocabulary and writing skills. We believe those are the foundations and will go a long for their success in academic, professional or personal life. Do you have any recommendations for books, tools or web sites which we can help our kids on that?

    • kindergartenteacherclaire

      Thanks for the compliment! I would recommend journal writing every day. A child can only become a better writer with practice. You could start with a blank journal and set the timer each day for your child to write during that time. When I taught Kindergarten most of the children were writing 14 sentences at one sitting. I am not seeing that in first grade yet, so in order to build stamina for writing a child has to begin. I would set aside a certain time each day for writing and make sure that your child understands that this is writing time. 15 minutes would be a good start. Often children need a little help getting started and you could use sentences starters for story starters. or Children also do well by making lists of things they know alot about (family members, what they want for their birthday, names of dinosaurs, holidays they like) and when children get better at making lists they can use this list as a starter for journal writing.

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