Food Containers and Your Child

Moms and dads very lovingly pack lunches for their first grade children.  I see these wonderful lunches every day.  What I also see are anxious first graders who have no idea how to open the containers that hold their food.  Today’s blog will be quick.  Parents, if you send a container that has to be opened by your child in order to get the food/drink for lunch, please make sure that he/she has practiced opening these containers at home.  First graders struggle with thermoses, plastic containers that snap shut, pre-packaged food that has a removable lid, some types of juice boxes and if you can believe it, even straws.  Please take the stress out of your child’s packed lunch by ensuring that he/she knows how to open..and close all of the containers in their lunch box.  You might also want to remind your child that opened drinks, such as milk do not have to come back home in their lunch box.


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