Name Writing

I taught Kindergarten for several years and worked very hard to teach children to write their name using correct letter formation.  By the end of Kindergarten  children should be able to write their own name using capital letters ONLY for the first letter of their first name and ONLY for the first letter of their last name.  Something happens during the summer after Kindergarten because when these same children arrive in first grade, they have gone back to writing capital letters all throughout their name.  Now in first grade we are working once again on teaching children to use capital letters only where they belong.  If your child is in Preschool, Kindergarten or First Grade and working on writing his/her name, please watch how he/she forms his/her letters and step in to help if you see the letters are being used incorrectly.  Practice, practice, practice.  A child named Justin Smith, should never write their name like this JuSTin  Smith…it is just wrong.  The name should always look like this:  Justin Smith, using capitals only where they belong.  Check your child the next time he/she writes his/her name.  You might be surprised at what you see.



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2 responses to “Name Writing

  1. Anonymous

    I revistied your blog to pass on to a friend . Delighted to see that you are still doing it and read several posts to help get my family back on track. Thank you.

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