Read To Your Child EVERY DAY!

I came across an article that listed the top 10 ways to improve Reading Skills.  I have attached the link to the site here but I find it very rewarding that the NUMBER ONE way to improve reading skills is to:

Set aside a regular time to read to your child EVERY day!! No excuses, parents, every day!!

Year after year, I have told parents the same thing.  Children learn by example.  Parents, your children MUST see and listen to you reading to them every day.  You are a positive role model for your child’s success with reading.  When they see/hear their parents reading, the children want to become better readers as well.  I believe that I have heard every possible excuse about why a parent cannot read to his/her child.  No time, got home late, child had homework to do, dinner was late, child/or parent is tired…and the list goes on.  The number one excuse that most parents give is ‘my child can already read and they don’t need me anymore’.  Chances are they cannot read as well as you think that they can (but that is a topic for another blog).  Your child needs you at the end of a busy day and you need him/her.  Reading together is a perfect way to relax and enjoy time together before the lights go out and all too soon it will be the start of another busy day.


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