Class Ranking

Parent Teacher conferences are coming soon and first grade parents will want lots of information.  It always amazes me at the amount of first grade parents who want to know where their child stands in the ranking of the class.  Well, first grade teachers do not rank their classes…ever!  The developmental levels of the children fluctuate on a daily basis, and the child who has a handle on writing on Monday, might be behind all of the other children on Friday.  That is just how it is.  Besides, do you parents really want to hear that your child is the lowest achieving child in the class today? What if your child is the highest achieving child in the class today –  tomorrow will bring about different information. Parents, please do not ask where your child falls in the ranking of his/her class.  You will leave the parent teacher conference disappointed because we don’t have that answer.  Instead, ask about your child’s strengths and weaknesses…yes, he/she does have weaknesses.  Find out what you can do at home to strengthen those weaknesses so that your child will continue to mature and develop at an appropriate pace in order to be academically and socially successful and don’t bother asking about class rankings until senior year in high school when rankings do count and a high achiever could be the class valedictorian.  Until then, let your 6 year old be a 6 year old and lighten up on the pressures that you are putting on your child.


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