Build Your Wild Self

Today’s posting is totally for fun! I don’t know about your first grader or Kindergartner, but where I am, the first graders and Kindergartners are ready for Halloween.  Really ready! Not to mention the weatherman is predicting snow for tomorrow, in Virginia, in October! The children are full of energy and very much out of sorts. I found this fun website from the New York Zoos and Aquarium.  Children can create a ‘wild’ version of themselves by adding animal body parts to a girl or boy cartoon.  Endless fun for a weekend when your child will need to expend lots of energy as they wait for trick or treating on Monday night.  I hope your child enjoys this site.


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  1. My students love this website–even the fifth graders. By that age, I use it to teach about privacy on the internet–why we use avatars instead of our picture. There’s a nice Lego one also my students enjoy.

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