First graders do a lot of paperwork every day.  Teachers are trying very hard to do away with busy work papers and only give a paper as an assignment as a follow up to an activity or learning center.  We are working on eliminating paperwork, but nonetheless, at the end of the day, your child has completed lots of papers at school.  I found this site that allows your child to get away from paperwork and explore his/her creativity by way of creating a unique musical sound. This site that allows your child to create music! It is fun and all they have to do is click on a grid and a musical note is heard.  Your child continues to click on squares and the musical notes repeat themselves always adding the new note. Your child will be entertained for quite some time while he/she continues to explore different ways to create a song.  Check this out with your child and you will see how much fun he/she can have with music.


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