Tips From The Teacher

I completed my parent conference this week and not only did I do a lot of listening but I also did a lot of talking!  Teachers often are full of suggestions for parents to try out at home with their child. Usually these suggestions are coming from years and years of teaching experience and we want to share the knowledge of children that we have picked up along the way.   Parents, if your child’s teacher gives you any suggestions regarding your child’s:

  • Behavior
  • Academics
  • Social skills
  • Responsibility
  • Maturity Level…or anything else, LISTEN! .. PLEASE! The teacher is not speaking to hear herself/himself talk.  We often think that parents think that is exactly what we are doing. Your child’s teacher is trying to give you some ideas on ways for your child to make improvements and be more successful at school.  This week I heard from one of my parents after the parent conference.  These parents told me that they HAD listened to me at the conference and were taking my suggestions to heart. What? Was I hearing correctly?  Parents don’t usually tell us that they are trying out some of the suggestions that we have made.  These parents obviously love their child and want the best for him/her and they were willing to not only listen to me, but try out some of my suggestions as well. Will my suggestions be magic pills and fix everything? Of course not, but opening up the lines of communication between school and home is magical to say the least.  Raising a child is a lifelong process but your child’s teacher has a key role in this process.  Listen to and try out any advice that has been given and both you and your child will be happier for it.

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