Addition Facts

First graders are learning to add.  Many of them think that they can add already. Sure they know, 1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 2= 4, etc, but that is about the limit of their knowledge of addition.  At school, we add using counting manipulatives, play addition games using counting chips or dice but what it comes down to is memorization.  Yes, children should understand the concept of adding, putting two groups together to find out how many in all, but counters may not always be available.  Here is a link to addition flash cards that you can print out for your child to practice each and every day at home until these addition facts become second nature.  At first the cards may seem difficult, but your child can sort them into two groups, the group that he/she is able to correctly add, and those that he/she cannot.  Your child should concentrate on the group that he is struggling with until that group is also able to be mastered.  Your first graders should be able to add successfully, perhaps he/she just needs a little practice.


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