Writing With Details

First graders are asked to write all throughout the first grade day, not just during ‘Writing’ time.  Children are now writing during Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies in their journals for all of these subjects.  It is all of this writing practice that makes them a better writer, or I should say that it should make them better writers. The problem is that 6 and 7 year olds just want to get finished.  It doesn’t matter what they are working on, to them, finishing is the end product, not how well did they do the job.  This is where the writing problem begins.  Encouraging a first grader to write with details is challenging but it can be done.  First grade teachers are teaching about writing with details.  We do not want the sentence:  I have a dog.  We would rather see I have a large, brown and white dog that sleeps with me every night. The sentence may seem long, but they can do it.  Just listen to a first grader talk.  Do they ever stop talking? No!  They have the vocabulary needed for longer sentences, just not the interest or stamina.  That’s where all of the adults come in.  When your child is writing his/her homework, or writing in his/her journal, or writing thank you notes, etc.,  please encourage your first grader to add details to his/her writing.  It makes their writing much more interesting to read when details have been added.  You could even give them a highlighter and ask them to highlight the details when they are done.  First graders love highlighters! Come on parents, expect more from your child’s writing and you will see that you will start to get it.


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2 responses to “Writing With Details

  1. Anonymous

    Mrs. Turck, I love your blog. Your comment is so true about my 1st grader son.

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    Thank you for reading the blog!!! I try to be helpful:)

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