Donating Used Toys

Many people reading this blog are the parents of children who have just received enormous amounts of new toys for the holidays.  Before those new toys make their way to bedrooms, playrooms, dens, etc.  now is the time to teach your child about giving away his/her older toys.  Have your child clean out his/her room, find the toys that he/she no longer uses and bag them up for charity.  I am sure that there is a charitable organization, shelter, hospital, or such that would welcome clean used toys to pass along to children in need.  A few simple clicks on your computer can help you find organizations willing to accept your donations…this is what I found in my own area:

Accepting clean stuffed animals:

A site with several options for donating toys:

Teach your child about helping others while he/she is young.  Children need to learn that it is not all about receiving, much joy can be received by giving as well.


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