Limit Screen Time

I was sitting in a doctor’s office today glancing through magazines and came across an interesting article about children and screen time.  Back in the 1970’s The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) made a statement that watching TV was not beneficial to young children.  Almost 40 years and over 50 different studies later, the AAP is again coming out with the statement that children should be limited to their accessibility of screen time (tv, video games, computers, I-pads, etc.)

The AAP recommends

  • Children under 2 should never watch TV
  • Watching TV can cause irregular sleep habits in young children
  • TV’s should not be used as a babysitter, instead give your child something safe to play with and he/she will figure out how to entertain himself.
  • No TV at night time in order for children to fall asleep easier
  • If your child watches TV in the evening, it should be turned off a few hours before bedtime
  • Kids with TV’s in their rooms tend to watch TV in the evening, or watch violent TV shows and are more likely to have sleep problems.
  • Elementary School children who watch more than 2 hours of TV a day are more likely to have social and emotional problems.
  • Too much TV leaves less time for creative play
  • Too much TV can lead to Obesity, Behavioral problems, Violence and impaired academic performance.

IS TV/I-pad, video games, etc. really worth it?

American Academy of Pediatrics Website



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2 responses to “Limit Screen Time

  1. mary obrien

    We often think we know all the reasons for too much t.v. watching. It is nice to see the reasons again, some new to me. I imagine some people dont count their childs own DVD player or Ipad. Thanks for the reminders.

    • kindergartenteacherclaire

      Glad you find this blog worthwhile. It bothers me as a teacher that so many of the young children watch so much tv and play video games for many hours a day.

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