Checking Your Work

First graders are always in a hurry to get their work done.  They are at an age where the finished product means just that, being finished.. no matter what quality of work they do.  First graders do not like to check their work and developmentally speaking, they don’t even understand why they should since they are so certain that there work was perfect to begin with. They have been raised by parents and society to believe that everything that they do is already perfect, so why the need to check yourself? They play in not so good sports games and are rewarded with a trophy, perform in not so good recitals and get flowers and dinners out, play not so nicely with a friend and get rewarded with yet another play date with the same friend. It is a difficult concept to teach young children to check their work when they don’t see the need.  Parents, you can help out by encouraging your child to check his homework before sending it to school, teaching your child to check his spelling test before passing it in, and to ALWAYS give his/her work a second glance before turning it in to the teacher.  Many, many first graders would do much better at school if they only took the time to check ALL of their work that they do at school.  They need to learn that they too make mistakes, and the only person who can fix that mistake is himself/herself.


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2 responses to “Checking Your Work

  1. I agree with so much of what you have to say here! One way I was able to successfully get my Year 2s to check their work was to give them coloured pencils for editing. We also stopped calling it ‘checking’ and started talking about ‘improving’. I removed all the other pencils from their desk and gave each one a special editing pencil. They had to see how many things they could find to ‘improve’ their work. Of course, there was lots of praise for each improvement found. By the end of the year they were doing it without being asked which was nice.

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    Thanks for the great tip! Thanks for reading my blog.

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