Kissing in School ?

Many, many, many years ago when I taught third grade, girls would complain that boys tried to kiss them at school.  These same complaints have now found their way into first grade classrooms.   Both boys and girls are trying to kiss their classmates against the classmates’ will.  We have had to have several talks about kissing, when and when it is not appropriate.  I have explained that it is OK to kiss your mom and dad, your brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and grandparents.  Kissing is something you do with members of your family however; we do not kiss our friends at school.  The children doing the kissing don’t seem to fully understand why they cannot kiss their friends.  Boys are trying to kiss girls on the playground, on the bus, in line, at the cafeteria, or in any situation where they think they won’t be caught by a teacher. The girls do not like it, but are not mature enough to know what to do when another child grabs them and kisses them.  That is why I get told AFTER it has happened but I am trying to teach both girls and boys to say “Stop if, I don’t like it when you kiss me.  Stay away from me!” Children need to learn to speak up for themselves when they don’t like something that is happening to them.  I am  happy that they come to me, but I don’t want it to happen in the first place.  I don’t really understand why so many first graders are kissing their friends, but some of it might be attributed to what they are being allowed to watch on TV, on DVD’s, on video games, or even what movies they go to see.  6 and 7 year olds should be allowed to be just that….6 and 7 years old.  They will grow up soon enough but I would like to see them stay young children as long as possible.  Parents please take a moment to talk to your child about kissing and when it is OK and who is definitely not allowed to be kissed by your child at school or in any other situation.


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3 responses to “Kissing in School ?

  1. mary obrien

    Having been away from the first grade class a few years, I was very surprised to read your recent blog on kissing. YOu are doing a wonderful job trying to explain to the children the appropriateness of kissing. Wonder why they think it is ok to kiss their friends who are not willing to be kissed. Yes, I do think most of it is from movies and tv.
    good suggestions…m.

  2. 1st Grade Parent

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify kissing issue. I find your blog very helpful… and I hope many parents will read it to help their kids to be able to draw the line as to when/where/with whom kissing is appropriate. Beside the type of movie kids are watching, I think it also has to do with cultural issues (some kids come from strict culture while others from libral one), so their view of what is appropriate for kissing might be totally different. In any regard, it’s parent role to teach our kids what is appropriate in an international school.

  3. Amy evans

    Can you kiss in the playground? You should be able to because it just a sign of love with somebody

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